I love Roasted Turkey Skin!!!

Yupp, I know, it’s fatty, it’s oily, it’s unhealthy…..but why the turkey skin taste so, so, so good, so, so, so irresistible????

Can you understand why I’m saying that?? 😛

Yesterday was about being thankful, being thoughtful , and being tender-hearted. and of cause, as my very first “whole turkey” experience, I am being extremely open to the really good fat, really good calories, really good carb. I ate , em, probably a whole turkey leg skin, plus, packs of dark and white meat, plus, the “pie chart” that I wouldn’t mind learning – pecan pie, pumpkin pie (traditional), pumpkin pie (lighter), tiramisu…., and I’m sorry I lose track of how many scoop of “smash” potato, and “smash” yam, I generously admitted to my plate 😀

well, don’t blame me, puuuleease! I was just so excited to enjoying my first “very American” Thanksgiving :

So here is the table, with that HUGE turkey dazzling my eyes…..Lili and I “steal” (we call it “sample”, but Dan call it steal!) the corn bread stuffings, the mashed sweet potato , and potato. Plus, almond chocolate, Wasabi peanuts. oh yah my fav!!

I really like their plates:

So I can’t help take quite a few pictures of that table setting. They got a whole dozen of these plates for 6  dollars!  they looks pretty nice for the price!

oh btw, do you know what’s my favorite way of eating turkey meat???

NOT with gravy!!!!

BUT with Garlic Salt!!!

My friends laughed at me for quite a while 😀 but I promise, they really taste great!!





and, last but not least, here comes my layered sweeten rice cake:

are you able to see that four layers: white sweeten rice, red beans, white sweeten rice, and puree red bean and purple sweeten rice, plus: coconut flakes!

I hope it doesn’t disappoint you guys!  I have sweet teeth….


I am being encouraged and inspired today, because I finally see the movie :  Julie and Julia !!! it talks about the blog girl who LOVE food finally turn this into a wonderful career. She find so much joy in cooking. Setting up a goal, and finish that 524 recipes from Julia’s “Master the Art of French Cooking”, it’s such a big achievement. Some point in my life, I will definitely do that. Because I really find the joy in researching recipes, creating new dishes, and sharing with the blog friends and friends around me.

what makes me really touched is the support from their beloved ones. Being really understanding, supportive, and sometimes “crazy” about cookings, makes Julie and Julia both succeed in their career.

Love makes life beautiful.

Love makes your little dreams sounds big,

Love makes your crazy idea turning into a career,

Love makes your pain, effort , tears, all worthwhile.

Love makes life beautiful.

Yes, it does.



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10 responses to “I love Roasted Turkey Skin!!!

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    I enjoyed the movie too, sooooo for us foodie bloggers!!! 😀
    glad you had a great dinner! I would have turkey with garlic salt instead of gravy too!

  2. Tou Tou, it looks like you had a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving. The turkey looks fantastic, and I’ll have to try the garlic salt next time. I love turkey skins as well, as I always say, the FAT is full of flavor

  3. lol, I can’t believe this! You and I BOTH had our first real Thanksgiving dinner (without the lo mein) this year! Cool! And I’m glad your first one was such a great one!

  4. actorsdiet

    i loved julie and julia too. looks like a great t’giving!

  5. Crystine

    that is really a big turkey. to be honest i never had a whole turkey before. do not stay in u.s. come to canada and cook for me. i like your thanksgiving dinner. very nice.

  6. A war will start if my daughter is there. Both of you will end up fighting for the turkey skin….LOL. I agree with you that it goes best with garlic salt. You did a great job…the turkey looks so well roasted, and so it the 4 payered red bean rice. Gosh…I’m drooling looking at them 😦

  7. Lili

    Hey!! Did you forget to tell everyone you DIDN’T roast the turkey but my poor husband did?? hahahaha. Glad you enjoyed it. You should be with us every year. Btw, I think if tenure doesn’t work out, you should consider “food photography” as your career. 🙂

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