One Day before Thanks Giving: I am blessed.

I don’t think I always have good luck, yet firmly believe that I am blessed. Whenever I feel desperate in my life, there is always someone I can turn to.  I have been writing my dissertation for almost one year. The obstacles in model programming, the problems in writing style, the countless nights that I struggled with the positioning … it is very slow , and it is difficult. However, I am blessed that there is always unstinted support from my advisor. I am grateful that I have him to point the road in my academia career. yesterday we spend almost 5 hours together, sitting down, line by line, word by word, revising my writing.  He is a top Marketing professor in the field and he has a 24-7 schedule. Me? I am just a PhD student under his supervision. He could just let me re-write, re-write and re-write following the journal style until it’s ready. Yet he choose to sit down and tell me why the revision is as such and so. I learned so much about writing  during that 5 hours.  I feel my words are just not enough to express my appreciation. Sometimes in our life, we need a great teacher to generously offer his support, to point the right road we should take, to set up a perfect example, and let us have a clear idea of what kind of life we want to live.

I spend a day at home working on my paper. No fancy meals – save my stomach for tomorrow 😀

I had a double mushroom egg soup for lunch:

double mushroom: whatever mushroom you like 😀 I just add in a shiitake to have some smoky flavor. First sautee the mushrooms until they are golden browned, then add in hot water. when the soup is boiling, quickly stir in the egg. You can add some corn starch to thicken the soup – I am just being a bit lazy today 🙂  For seasoning, I use sesame oil, white pepper (it’s a must!) and some salt.

then I prepared a dish for tomorrow’s party in my friend’s house in DC. She always said : no no no , no need to bring anything! I always feel that it’s a pity that I can not show off my cooking skill! haha 😀 So I made a very traditional Chinese dessert: Sweeten Rice Layer Cake.

Hey don’t argue with me it’s not Layered cake …yet….!! I couldn’t cut it today, but wait till tomorrow:-P I promise it’s three layered cake :

layer one: white sweeten rice, steamed.

layer two: purple sweeten rice and red bean. sweetened.

layer three: purred red bean

layer four: top layer , as you can FINALLY see, it’s the coconut flakes.

ooops, I feel like I am doing a hierarchical hidden Markov model (which is actually my disserataion!).  I had tried to cut it and want to sneak a peak, yet I failed….the cake almost fall apart. So I put away my knife and recover the cake with additional pureed red bean , hope my friends won’t find out! haha

it’s very gooey, if you like that texture from sweeten rice. also red bean part is very sweet and crunchy. See if I can take a nice shot tomorrow! !!

Good night everyone, have a great thanks giving !!!




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12 responses to “One Day before Thanks Giving: I am blessed.

  1. Qiu

    Yeah, I completely agree. It’s such a blessing to have your advisor standing beside you! Happy Thanksgiving dear~

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    having a good advisor makes all the difference! I’m so glad to know that yours is such a great mentor and helped you go through this painful transition from student to researcher! I wish Carmen can spend 5 hours with me to go through my un-understandable model 😉
    have a great dinner at your friend’s house. I’m sure they’ll be happy to savor your delightful dish!

  3. Crystine

    you are really blessed. i hope i had a good teacher like yours.

  4. That’s a real blessing by itself to have such a wonderful advisor…a timely gift for your Thanksgiving. Love the simple soup and can’t wait to see the 3 layered dessert. I’m sure it tastes awesome. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful time with your friends.

  5. Happy thanksgiving! I like to think we are all blessed 🙂

  6. Double mushroom? That sounds wonderful because mushrooms are my favorite! 🙂

  7. actorsdiet

    the dessert sounds terrific – i should make something like that for x-mas with all my chinese relatives this year; they’ll appreciate it….

  8. Your professor sounds so amazing and supportive. You should bring him a piece of your Sweetened Rice Layered Cake. I’ve never eaten anything like that. Would love to try it myself. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Please take a photo of the layer cake when you serve it. It sounds great 🙂

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