Several Days of Light Eatings : Tribute to Warm Salad

I always feel a little bit hesitate to have salad in the cold days. I am kind of avoiding those cold greens, which makes my stomach really uncomfortable after eating. Yet after several days of trial, I fall in love with them. Inspired by Maggie , I decide to say YES to salad, even its is snowing outside! 🙂

My salads are warm, light, and veggie-ful. Hope my dear readers could try them out to fulfill your veggie-cravings.

Warm Salad Course One: Baked Kale, Mushroom and Eggo Salad


it’s all there in the names!

Mix kale leaves, sliced mushroom with pinch salt; have an egg on it before sending them to the oven. Yes egg, not cheese this time 😛 ( you all know that I’m a big cheese eater! haha) You would love when the flavor of egg immersed in the kales!

Bake them about 15 min at 350 degree oven, easy dinner!

the top kale leaves are crisp like those kale chips, and bottom kale leaves are still leafy green! I love this combination of crunchy and juicy from the same kale leaves!

in-between two salad course, I would like to show off a coffee (instant coffee! can’t believe it!)

yeah, I was amazed when I got this beautiful pattern and take a pic of it right away. never imaging a sophisticated swirl will come from a instant coffee!! The dark bubbles melted away pretty quickly.  To be honest, I like this “taster’s choice” from Nescafé – my favorite way ? mix 1tsp of them, 1 tsp of chocolate powder, makes it a nice sweet treat for the day.

Alright, now comes our 2nd course of warm salad:

Endive and Red Pepper, with Acorn-Tofu Creamy Sauce:

wash the greens and red pepper, lightly salt them, and microwave the bow for 45 second. That’s the key for making the warm salad without losing the fresh color of the greens!

The creamy white sauce (which I had marketed for thousand times i guess? hehe :-P) . This time is a bit different because I add in some nature sweetness from Acorn. It should be more yellow-ish than it appears here:

I use : 1 small baked Acorn, mashed, 1/3 cup of silky Tofu, 2 tsp of shredded cheese, lemon and pepper to taste.  Puree all of them till smooth texture.  if you like ranch for your salad, this might be a great healthy alternative 😀

Enjoy my dear friends!


btw, I had think about doing a 7-day challenge about posting everything I send to my stomach . Though I see lots of blogger friends doing that, it’s still a bit scary to me…I mean, posting everything I eat, means making a big confession of some of my guilty pleasures. well, but I guess it’s really fun to find the truth of your diet and see what’s right and wrong. My dear friends, have you done that before? How do you feel? Do you think that’s a good idea or I’ll get “traumatized” after that?

I’ll try to start the week after, because, this week is thanksgiving! I probably will scare myself to death seeing myself eating sooooo much food ! hahaha 🙂

Have a good night, my friends!



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9 responses to “Several Days of Light Eatings : Tribute to Warm Salad

  1. Hey! I’m so glad you made kale!! Oh kale, kale, crispy kale, you know how I LOVE eating you!! Your acorn-tofu sauce looks like has great consistency and texture! =)

    I think the 7-day challenge would be interesting. For me, it would be impossible just because I eat so much in one day that…it would be…a mini photojournal! And plus I don’t like to be accountable for what I eat… =D (Then again, maybe that’s WHY i should take on one of these challenges..) In the end, I would say that the photos shouldn’t stop you from enjoying foods that your body knows it loves and needs, but would inspire you to constantly be more creative with your food choices! =)

    • thanks Aletheia 🙂 I totally agree with you ,photos shouldn’t stop me enjoying the food I really love …
      i think about it because I just realized that I drink two cups of hot chocolate yesterday… I thought taking food journal may help me to avoid those unhealthy habit… 🙂 I’m not decided yet , l’ll try one day and see if the pics of food are really too much to post 🙂

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    wooo!!! how did you make that coffee soooooooo like Buenos Aires cafe? just instant coffee? that’s incredible!
    and soooo fun that we both had kale chips! hahaha….

    I don’t know what I think about posting everything… I used to do that for a while and I got bored. but you should try it to have an opinion yourself about it. 😉

    I just woke up and you know what? I slept 8 hours again despite the 3 hours nap yesterday! hahahha…..

  3. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of posting everything I eat….it can get rather obsessive, and I can’t stand the stress of it! Haha, but you could try it and see how it goes, but I don’t really recommend doing it for more than a week…I don’t know how the others do it!

  4. Your warm salad looks delicious!!! I don’t have any problems with posting my eats but I generally only do it once a day. I just upload my photos to one post. If I had to post 3 times a day it would make me mental!

  5. wow…you are really trying to eat healthy….well done! I eat salad every now and then but I still prefer stir fries. Going for a 7 day challenge sounds a gr8 idea. I’ll be your monitor..LOL.

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