Creamy TOFU source, Purple Marble Cake

If you opt for creamy white sauce every time waiter asks for topping of that linguine, – please count me in! I love the smooth texture and cheesy smell of the white sauce… and not surprisingly, I feel guilty every time I indulge.  But this creamy tofu sauce is definitely gonna replace your guilt with pure pleasure : really light yet decadent flavor of that creamy white sauce !

It goes well with Italian noodles for sure, and of cause salad greens. I was inspired by actor’s diet blog post of a tofu sauce, she kindly send me the link – yet I am overwhelmed by the ingredients’ names…they are just beyond my limited ingredients-name-pronunciation abilities!!  So I am again relying on my instinct for food… 🙂 Sorry Lynn, I am being sloppy ! but the sauce ends up really good!!!

So here is my simple ingredients for creamy tofu sauce:

1. 1/2 cup of silky tofu.

2.  1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese.

3.  TJ’s Lemon and Pepper, to seasoning.

4. 1 tsp of sesame oil ( you can use olive oil too:)

and that’s all!!

Blends them really well until this smooth texture (oops, not that smooth, huh :P)

I promise that tofu sauce is 100% creamy white sauce flavor, yet much less fat and cal. The consistency of the sauce turns out perfect in my first try, you can make it thicker or thinner as you prefer.

Top endives and roasted red peppers with creamy tofu sauce, packed with protein and veggies.

I wish the restaurants  offer me this option too!!!

As my tradition, dessert is served. Gee. I am adapting all the recipes – is that a bad sign of a chef ???

So my light version of famous marble cake today is : purple marble cake

The lovely purple color comes from the red bean and purple sweeten rice. I am addicted to creamy red bean  spread as you all know. and this time I add in some purple sweeten rice which said to be good for girls’ blood system.

So for purple part is the red bean spread and blended purple sweet rice porridge. white part – simple and easy as the ordinary cake base. I guarantee the mixture of the two result in this purple-ish color:

“Life is short, so have some dessert first” . (from a small breakfast cafe in country side Australia).



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16 responses to “Creamy TOFU source, Purple Marble Cake

  1. oh wow that cake looks fantastic!! So professional and yummy looking. I would definitely be digging into your creamy red bean spread if I were you!! I think Trader Joe’s should start selling that!! Have you considered marketing your “product” to them?? heheh I would buy it!!!! I’m not really a fan of white sauce, so I hardly order them at restaurants…but i’m sure your tofu-based “sauce” is fantastic. hehehe

  2. Ahh I love red beans. And creamy white sauce. White sauce is usually bad for you but this is great 🙂

  3. yay i’m glad you made it, and made it your own!!!

  4. Great looking cake- I may have to surprise my sister in law with this- great post

  5. That’s definitely a healthier sauce that I would love to have. I love that marble cake. I always love to see the lovely patterns. Cutting into it is the most thrilling. I love to see the pattern more than eating it 🙂

  6. balancejoyanddelicias

    I’m soaking some red beans 😉

  7. Crystine

    come to my house next year and cook for me! learn how to make tílāmǐsū. I will love it. 🙂

  8. Your cake is absolutely beautiful! Purple marble cake!!! I love it!

  9. aletheiazoe

    Mmmm..I love Endive salads! I really love the bitter and the crunchy lettuces. Wow, YOUR PURPLE MARBLE CAKE LOOKS SO COOL. Brilliant!

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