Layered Tofu Cake, Swirl Coffee Cookies. Perfect Saturday.

I can’t believe it have been raining for like one week!! how come Maryland is having so much rain this year?

as the weather gets cold, my craving for warm dishes spikes, especially for warm soups. Today I just accidentally make a realy delish soup . Yes, by accdident!

So the meal is called a steamed layered tofu cake with salmon and shiitakes …oh my. that’s a long name without any fun ! yet you have to forgive me – I have been totally brain damaged after 7 days of paper writing!


This dish is fully packed with protein:  let me just do a quick statistical analysis:

1. Salmon: 21 g.

2. Tofu: 9g.

3. Shiitake: 12.5g.

Sounds like a perfect source of good protein meal ! So I make a layered Tofu Cake with Salmon and Shiitakes.

to be frank, I have no idea that after steaming this for 10 min, the dish will turn into a soup. But the soups just taste surprisingly good! it’s just full of the flavors from that savory salmon , and smoky, the salmon is perfectly “merged” with the the silky tofu, which makes it like a real burger in some sense 🙂

stacking those tofu , salmon and shiitake slides is nothing technically challenging. Well, my tips is : please please please make the tofu slices BIG enough to hold your greedy salmon input! I almost crashed one stack because I am trying to put 4-5 salmons in it!


here is the ingredients:

1. 2 Shiitake, soaked in hot water for about 15 minutes until they are soft and soaky. Thinly slice them.

2. about 10 slices of salmon, marinade them with light soysauce and cooking wine , for about 20 mins (depends on how thin you can slice them!)

3. Silky Tofu please. that taste just much better when steamed.

stack everything together with whatever order you like ( and I don’t mind if you stack them with 5-6 layers with your super good hands).

steam them for 10 minutes. sprinkle with finely chopped basil to fresh it up.

It is such a satisfied meal !!!


May I serve some swirl coffee cookies as well?


They are a great pick-me-up. because, the dark part, is purely coffee …and I pour in around 1/2 cup of instant coffees, not intentionally!!! So I can only have them in the morning 🙂

I guess i dont’ need time to explain how a cookie taste like. yeah, they are cookies, makes lifes so much sweeter, perfect to go with tea or coffee if you are not scared of coffine intake today.

I trust my brand cookies – I know exactly what’s in it:

1. Dough #1:  1 Cup self-raising flour + 1tsp of sugar + 1/4 of veggie oil.

2. Dough #2:  1 Cup self-raising flour + 1tsp of sugar + 1/4 of veggie oil+ 1/2 instant coffee (I guess 1/3 cup would be enough, if you don’t like the bitter flavor from coffee).

3. Knead two doughs and stack them , roll it .

4. after freezing the combination dough for about 40 min, cut it, bake them at 350 degree oven, about 20 minutes. Before it cools down, sprinkle with unsweetened coconut flakes.

Should I still call it a guilty pleasure???? come on, there is even no butter in my cookie!! 🙂

Hope every one has a great weekend and enjoy cooking creations!



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9 responses to “Layered Tofu Cake, Swirl Coffee Cookies. Perfect Saturday.

  1. I love the accidental soup recipe. And the coffee cookies! I will have to make them.

  2. That looks light, healthy & delicious. I would love that for lunch. And…mmmm…coffee cake. I love anything coffee.

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    mmmm….. sounds like a real delicious combo! I’ll try that out! 🙂

  4. by the way, to answer your question on my blog re: the tofu sauce, i’m not sure what’s in it but i did find this online that sounds like it might yield comparable results:

  5. Mmmm..silky tofu! My mom used to always scramble silky tofu with thousand-year-old eggs and sesame oil! Do you remember that Chinese delicacy? Doesn’t look too appetizing, but tastes pretty a-ok!

  6. Crystine

    toufu is a great idea

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