A little Adventure II: oodles of noodles_Radish noodle with Spicy Hummus

I need some fresh air

As above, so below.

Food definitely offers me pure pleasure, even if they are guilty pleasures.

so, let’s talk about food !

As the episode may remind you, the meal created these days might be extremely weird , funny, outrageous, …, taste ? so far so good!

I made a Radish noodle that absolutely carb-free, topped with Spicy Hummus!


I keep my finger crossed that you still believe they look like noodle!

I use the food processor to create these oodles of noodles from the Radish ( white one, from Asian Market). They are pretty juicy and crisp, with a little pepper-like spicy. I love to eat them raw , and serve cold as salad.


So the ingredients:

1. Shredded Radish ( I promise  they still look like noodles :-)))

2. 3 long green pepper

3. about 1/3 cup of hummus.

4. 1tsp of olive oil.

Blend 2 to 4 will end up with a beauty green:


those peppers are not dramatically spicy …thank God I pick the right one!

and the hummus now just blend in more naughty flavors ! I love this sesame seed, chickpea, peppers, cumin, and extra virgin olive oil mixtures ! Looks like I am creating a spicy version of pesto as well !

I decide to throw in another “spicy hummus” picture to rigidly prove it’s greenish lovely color:






Top the noodles with spicy hummus, and drizzle some light soy sauce. Em em., so good.




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12 responses to “A little Adventure II: oodles of noodles_Radish noodle with Spicy Hummus

  1. oh my gosh….you are on such a healthy diet! Looks interestingly good.

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    was my zucchini noodles your inspiration? I forgot to answer your question, i made it with a special tool: spiralizer! but great job on creating this radish “noodles”.

  3. wow that’s innovative!! I love radish, but I think I enjoy it pickled more!! Are your radish noodles cold or are you eating it microwaved/hot? The green sauce definitely looks like pesto – you could have had me fooled!! You should call this Asian pasta. hehehe

    • I like pickled radish! oh I love them to go with just porridge…haven’t had them for quite a while, really need to dig into the recipes for it.

      I served it cold , so it is still a bit spicy
      thanks for the name! that’s an authentic Asian Pasta!

  4. Crystine

    finally updated! but noodles^^^^^^^^^

  5. i love daikon radish! i like to slice it into thin slices and make it into “fettucine”

  6. Mmmm… Radish daikon noodles – Have yet to try! Your hummus looks beautiful -( it looks a lot like guacomole!)

  7. this dish looks interesting, a pair that I wouldn’t have thought of. This looks fresh and healthy, and something I’d try.

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