A Little Adventure I: Taste of Cloud Nine, Hummus Stuffed Aubergine

Do I sound like writing a paper with that title “I” “II” “III”, well Maybe baby! I AM writing a paper these days – it just take over my minds and I am being seriously academia in terms of cooking too!

But I am kinda a fan of day dreaming, and needs little fantasy every now and then.  Cloud nine, was a famous bar in Tallest building in Shanghai.  The night spent there drinking and savoring delicate dessert would always be an unforgettable moment for me. unfortunately, the Bar is not there anymore. So, somehow my memory is stirred up, and somehow I’m thinking of an good old friend.

All of these name the cake even before I make it.


Taste of Cloud Nine

The cloud is actually egg whites. and lots lots lots of Nuts, because I’m a nut person:-). and I add in the pumpkin spice to make it have the flavor of the season:

Nobody complaining how many nuts I am putting in the cake!!! Please!!!

the ingredients for cake:

1. 2 cup of self-raising flours  (being a bit lazy today :-P) +  1 tsp pumpkin spice +2 egg yolk

2. 2 egg white beaten until stiff perk foam.

3. Nuts, Nuts! 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds + 1/2 cup almond, coarsely chopped

first I bake the cake for about 15 min in 350 oven, till its half done. then I spread on the egg whites> it’s so much fun!

So here comes the result:

IMG_0101 I intended to spread the egg whites more evenly  – but as you know, model estimation never comes as you expected , so my first egg white bakery doesn’t have a perfect presentation here. BUT, the baked egg whites just taste so special – it’s absolutely crisp on the outside, and pretty airy when you actually having a bite (well I didn’t mark it as a souffle 🙂 In addition, there is a very tempting eggo smell in the top layer !


if you can see this very thin and puffy layer of baked egg white :

just add a little fantasy to my pumpkin nuts cake.

with my handmixer, every time the cake comes out very soft , moist and airy.

So have a taste of cloud nine!


ooops, seems I make the sequence flipped. My entree comes after the dessert today. sorry!

I called this series a “a little adventure”, because I am going to try out several new ingredients, make a do-over of the ways eating them, and see how it goes.  So today’s actor is Aubergine.

I’m being academic here, haha – it’s just the Thai eggplant _ but who doesn’t want a fancier name !

IMG_0065they are like ping-pong ball sized egg plant, and taste absolutely different from those purple ones! they are much more crunchy even after cooking, and enormous amount of seeds inside!

today’s adventure – hummus stuffed Aubergine

I know there is a traditional dish with meat stuffed eggplant. but I’m eating way too much meat these days, I need to cut it down a bit.

So I “geniusly” think of my hummus. (the fact is, it has been there for about 2 days!)

cut the top off, cross cut the aubergine and stuff in the hummus. drizzle a bit oyster sauce and olive oil.


see how green they are before going in to the oven!!

Aubergine has a very unique flavor that just impossible to describe. they are smoky, subtly bitter (from those seeds), but really crunchy. Aubergine is a Persian name.

I turn to 300 degrees, a bit lower then the normal temp I bake stuff. well you may notice that every time I say something about oven temp, it’s alway 350 degree. wahaha:-) that’s just so me. as I never closely follow recipes (confess!), I am being sloppy on the oven temperature too.

maybe my way of cooking hasn’t reach a point that oven temp will hurt the delicate food flavor yet. Hooooray!

When it comes out, I am a bit confused by its greyish color . But I do find the surprise of that golden edged hummus !


I am so happy that the glazed color from oyster sauce is still there after bathing in 300 degree oven! the salty flavor of aubergine all comes from that hummus. perfectly seasoned. and they are still very crunchy !


I just love these egg shaped, Persian named eggplant. you don’t need to pair it with strong flavored sauce – hummus is good enough.

Bon Appetite Everyone!



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12 responses to “A Little Adventure I: Taste of Cloud Nine, Hummus Stuffed Aubergine

  1. Wowwee, girly – will you look at that egg white!! That’s the most gorgeous looking cake I’ve seen in a while!! How did you manage to make it cheesy-looking? Is that just what it looks like after being baked? WOW. Can you PLEASE come to Canada and make me some of that Taste of Cloud Nine? SERIOUSLY! =D

    Your aubergines look pretty awesome as well – cute as a button! =)

  2. wow…that’s such a lovely dessert you make. Looks very impressive and delicious. I would love a big slice. And those cute eggplants..I’ve never seen them before. What alovely meal you prepared. Thanks for sharing

  3. Crystine

    very wired food for me. never saw that before.

  4. balancejoyanddelicias

    those little eggplants are sooooooo cute!!!! I need to get some and play with it too.

  5. wow, excellent creations as usual!! I am totally digging the aubergine/eggplants. That’s one of my favorite vegetables, especially in curry as well as steamed and topped with garlic and soy sauce (I love asian food! As you can tell!).

    I CANNOT believe that your cake is only made up of 3 ingredients!!!! It looks amazing and delicious! I wish i could try some….hahaha 🙂

    • Thank you luckytastebuds! yeah, I’ve never see aubergine until I’m here – they taste incredible good! I’ll try the curry recipe next time!!
      Glad you love this simple cake – as u know, I’m a lazy person and seldom follow recipes! 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep up posting such interesting articles!

  7. I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep on making such exciting stuff.

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