Salmonizer _Episode II. Salmon Mooncakes

Life is full of drama. It’s sunny and warm in the morning. then Thunderstorm and chill-to-the-bone at night. I tried very hard to maintain the peace and joy in mind.  Yes. keep that in mind. as always.

Let me just go into the business. Here comes the Salmonizer episode II:  The Salmon Mooncakes

Okay Okay I know I am a bit late in serving mooncakes at this point of time. but given the fact that I didn’t have chance to munching on enough mooncakes this year (the price is killing me! ) , I decide to be my biggest mooncake supplier this year. Yupp!!!

It’s a bit tricky to make these moon cakes. well, let me just admit it, it’s not merely tricky – it’s DIFFICULT! I once again have a very hard time to knead the dough. Guess what , this time I need two doughs ! (can somebody help me out here??)

IMG_9921So one dough on the top right is the “normal dough” with water, baking soda, and a bit oil.

and the dough on the top left is the “oily dough” with only vegetable oil ! ( I didn’t use the shortenings, veg oil is always a healthy option).

wrap with plastic wraps and put in the fridge for 1 hour.

Then when they comes out, your turn of labor work!!!

it’s NOT very easy (I am telling ya the truth) to knead two doughs together. The oily one had a very hard time to get along well with the normal dough. Well, I forgive you.

so, I almost give up “assimilating” these two doughs. let them be who they are. yeah. I’m fine with that.

IMG_9937And then comes the easy part:

1. make the fillings: salmon + pork + ginger + 1 tsp of soy sauce + 1 egg whites.

2. Wrap the filling and try your best to make it CLOSED and round it up with your hand – gently.

3. brush with egg yolk and sprinkle some black sesame seed.

4. Bake, at 350 degree oven, for 30 min, until you really can not control yourself any more because of that nice salmon smell and crispy wraps.

Here they are:



I can’t help tried two. yupp. two. they are way too delicious for me to even think about the fatty dough. the oily dough. yeah. whatever. they are very yammy. If you love the layers of that crispy wraps, and the smell of Salmon, you would love this moon cake – salty version .


it makes me home sicking again. I miss the days back home when we stand in lines and wait to buy those special meat mooncakes. I guess it’s just when we grow up, there are so many things out of our control.


Bear with my photography hobby. I took quite a few of these cuties and feel obliged to share with you , my friends, when you are far away from your family, friends, beloved ones, there is only one way to make yourself stronger : understand why I am here , why I am doing what I am doing, and make all the effort worthwhile.

yeah, and of cause, having some mooncakes with me.



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11 responses to “Salmonizer _Episode II. Salmon Mooncakes

  1. WOW your salmon cakes look totally professional!! as a Chinese Canadian, those things would be to-die-for in my family!! if i could make those, my family and friends would be really impressed =)

  2. wow…you make mooncakes with salmon…that’s brilliant! This is the first time I heard it. You did very well. I totally agree that making these is no joke. I had a little taste of mooncakes here but I didn’t like it. The fine texture wasn’t there & like at your place, the price is killing. I didn’t make this year. The work frightens me. Maybe one fine day when I’m in the mood…haha

  3. Hi Toutou! I just found your blog from Coco (she was at my house this weekend). Everything looks delish 🙂

  4. Crystine

    i like it, next time you definitely need to make it for me. 🙂

  5. Those salmon mooncakes look delish!

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