A Hummus You Will NEVER get bloated!! A Sweets You will NEVER feel guilt ! :-) Eggplant Hummus and Yam Pudding

After whole day of relaxation, my Monday actually doesn’t go so well as I expected… I was really exciting to show my prof the work I did last week , but suddenly we realize that there is one critical measure I forgot to calculate. BIG oooooops. Back home and start running the model , again. Well, now I’m really get use to it. Patience, Persistent, and Passionate are now the three words I need to constantly say to myself to keep up a good attitude 🙂 No big deal, I can make it pretty quick.

Running the model and waiting for the result , well, I need to ease up the anxious with food related labor. Open the pantry and see my cumin ! however, I neither soak the chickpea the night before nor have the chickpea can in that pantry (oh yeah, I searched , but in vain). but I do want some hummus !  see, this is me, for food, I seldom plan ahead, since I never know what my stomach is craving for the next day!

For those of you who like me, always feel a bit bloated after eating beans, especially chickpeas, this would be a bloat-free hummus. Chickpea is a healthy food without doubt. It is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber(50% 1cup), Protein and Copper, and a very good source of Folate and Manganese.  Yet here comes a bit annoying measures : 1 cup of chickpea have 7.9g sugar ? ?? oh yes ! and 269 cal ??? oh yes!! surprise surprise surprise !! em, now I find a good excuse not soaking those peas last night – well I intended to have a lighter hummus!

This light hummus is made with eggplant. IMG_9873 If you happen to have tahini and cumin at home, this would be a really easy dish. We need:

1. eggplant, make several slices on the eggplant

2. 1 tsp of cumin.

3. 1/4 cup of soymilk ( I replace the oil with soymilk, make it a bit lighter).

4. 2 tsp of Tahini

5. 4 Peppers- your choice of which kind.

Firstly, roast the eggplant for about 30 min to give it a nice smoky flavor: IMG_9874 see my purple queen just changes coat!!!

wait till they cool down, and peel the skin off  – oh that was nice and easy.

then, come on my food processor , do your duty of mixing ingredients 2-4 with the roasted eggplant , on high speed for about 2 minutes till its really smooth.

oh, forgot to say, we need to roast the pepper too, no need to spray on oil , just roast them at 350 degree oven with eggplant for about 20 min.

Then, Serve !


You can either dip the pepper in the hummus, or stuff the pepper with the hummus. When the pepper is roasted, the pungent spiciness just went away, only left with a very soft texture. You may see that I didn’t cut the tip of pepper or eggplant off, since I am a firm believer of that “in defense of food” book — every food, should be eaten as a whole to maximize it’s nutrition value.

did I say that eggplant is only 35 cal per serving? (sorry I’m being a bit nerdy here :-))

IMG_9882To make it taste even better, I first time be VERY patient with food !! I put them in the fridge for about 1 hour. Hooray!! Great move! The hummus now is so cool, and the spiciness of pepper completely went away ! I stuff the roasted pepper with that fabulous hummus, -guilt free and bloat free hummus for a great mid-east dinner!

btw, I tried to eat the skin of roasted eggplant – not very easy to chew , just fyi.

Also I would end my sweet potato series dish with a Light Yam Pudding.  I’m deeply addicted to sweet potato and this addition is reinforced by many blogger’s food creations. They are in season !  (I hope this statement is correct).


Light and Sweet.

1 egg + 1 cup soymilk + sliced potato. ( does that remind of Häagen-Dazs five Ads?)

400 degree oven, 30 minutes. Done.

when it’s in the oven, the whole apt is full of that sweet soymilk and egg smell.

I just couldn’t wait long enough to get all edges of that sweet potato browned. But they are surprisingly sweet and light, light and sweet.


Bon appetite, my dear friends 🙂

I hope ya can bear with my sweet teeth.

Today’s workout:

1. power walk 40 minutes.

2. zumba 1 hour. my fav teacher is here!!! great cardio workout!

3. 8lbs *2, 10 lbs weights. 3 groups.

I just find my model estimation is done ! yeah!! go back to work now 🙂



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3 responses to “A Hummus You Will NEVER get bloated!! A Sweets You will NEVER feel guilt ! :-) Eggplant Hummus and Yam Pudding

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    hahhaha… I’m addicted to squash and you’re addicted to yam! so funny!!! 😀
    hummus! oh…. I miss it! unfortunately my mom doesn’t like it so I haven’t had it for a long time! 😦

  2. Hummus is one of our favorite things to dip with these days and your recipe with eggplant seems like a baba ganoush.

    Thank you!

    CCR =:~)

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