Sunday Sunday!!! Crispy Oatmeal and Light Crunchy PB Squares

First of all, thanks to my cousin ! we talked over the phone today about my blog – well, especially about the blog name.  A good blog name should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember , yet Toutou, plus that sachertorte, is a pain in the xx for her to pronounce. Well, take back my little fanatic about those chocolate cake and unwillingness to express it in a plain way, I will change my blog name as ” Light Delight with TouTou”. I would like to keep TouTou because that’s a very important name for me. And thanks to the prevalent cuisinart marketers, I decide to describe this blog as ” a cuisine art with a slimy twist. My inspiration of these names just explodes while I was on that treadmill, so 30 min passed incredibly quickly today!!!

Second, the day light saving time finally comes!!!! I woke up at 7:06 this morning, with no guilt at all! The morning just seems prolonged for me 🙂 What’s for breakfast? Well, I’ve been eating liquid plus flour for 6 days, I need a change for Sunday brunch!!!!

So I make this Crispy Oatmeal :

IMG_9831you may wondering: what’s CRISPY about it??????

well, it’s the sweet potato flakes !!! I baked those sweet potato flakes at 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes, with absolutely NO oil, NO butter, JUST sweet potato. Then they come really crisp.  What a perfect topping!

Then I take out my special mixed oat meal — I pre-mixed the plain oat meal with : sesame seed, wheat bran, pumpkin seeds (chopped), almond slices, flex seeds, cranberry. So I don’t need to scoops all these ingredients every time I make my oatmeal breakfast.

Microwaved it with 1 cup soymilk for 1:30 min. adding my crispy toppings, and unsweetened coconut flakes — done !!!

IMG_9828 I totally surrender to the nature sweetness of the sweet potato. They are just so crisp and sweet, plus the oats with multi-seed and multi-fiber, make it really chewy!!

I have done with my work with three professors, well, at least for this weekend, no new tasks yet 🙂 So today is a really relaxing day. I read my freakonomics book and can’t stop laughing when they talk about the architectures and prostitutes’ wages. Well, just consider the demand of these two type of career , the author put it this way:  of cause the prob of architectures would hire a prostitute is much higher than the other way around :D.

While reading the book , I was thinking about food, again!!! haha – does that mean I was bred to be a chef or something???

So my constant foods thoughts turns into this Light Crunchy PB Squares

IMG_9815 Oh no no don’t get me wrong – PB is NOT peanut and butter, but it’s peanut and bananas!!!

” When sally met harry ” it creates a romantic story, while when “peanut meats bananas” they create a crunchy but light flavor!!!

The cake is very light – I only use :

1. 1tsp of butter,

2. 2 egg

3. 2 tsp of sugar.

4. chopped peanuts.

5. 1 banana!

6. 2 cup all purpose flour + 1/2 cup of corn starch + 1 tsp of baking powder.

it’s kind of cleaning leftover cake – but taste surprisingly light, fluffy, and crunchy!!!!


Here is how I make it:

1.beat egg whites until stiff peaks form – thank God I have my handmixer it only takes 5 minutes!!!

2. Mix well of the egg yolks, sugar, banana , flours, and then slowly stir it into the egg whites.

3. Finely chop the peanuts, and top the batter with this “red-skin” peanuts !! (haha – somebody would be crazy about it here!!! )

See how it looks before goes into the oven:

350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Until the peanuts are beautifully browned. Oh it taste just soa soa soa soft and crunchy!!! strong banana and peanuts flavor , what a great combination!

IMG_9811I try to cut into small squares — but I’m too greedy!! Every piece is BIG !! haha:)

Finally in the afternoon the sky begins to clear up. And I decide to go to my favorite store – pier one in silver spring, to get some nice plates and mats. And I do find a great mat!!! Since most of my plates are white, I take a colorful red one. The store is full of X’mas flavor right now, everything is red and green – are we there yet?? never too early to celebrate!

Then of cause, Whole food , B&N, some clothes stores, and finally Panera bread.  Finally unwind with a cup of chocolate in hand and take out my freaks again. btw, I saw she is adding cream, adding chocolate syrup, on my hot chocolate !!! lots lots of them and I even spilled it over to my shirts !! well, hot chocolate is for indulgence (hmmm, excuse 1). I just can’t help dip into those chocolate syrup and taste them – oooops, some one just sneak a peak at me !!! hey I can’t just be blind of those chocolate syrup, can I ? (excuse 2).

I ends the day with a gym trip too:

30 min running.

20 min Crossramp

10 stretching.

5 rowing machine (oh man! my muscle is so sore! ).

and a light dinner :

IMG_9852Sauteed something like beets but white and purple ( ? don’t know the name, first time I tried this – taste just like the radish )

and  a seaweed soup.

oh, that’s my NEW table mat !!!

Hope ya all have a wonderful relaxing Sunday, Sunday!!!!



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10 responses to “Sunday Sunday!!! Crispy Oatmeal and Light Crunchy PB Squares

  1. Crystine

    nice, genius

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    I like this new name, your cousin is right, it’s better that the name is easy to remember and understand! 🙂

  3. mingming

    I like the top banner of Sushi!! looks so yammi
    when do you make a sushi plate?

  4. crispy sweet potato flakes – my kitchen next experiment! love.

  5. yun

    tou, can i share this creative “light delight” with my housemate? She loves cooking too. I think she will be very excited reading it:P

  6. yun

    haha, then I can enjoy the nice nice food created by u, and cooked by her:P yeah!!

    hmm..I am more than happy to wash the dishes after “delight” 😛

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