Somebody Want Fur Coat, BUT I want a pearl coat!!! Pearl-Coated Meatballs

Speaking of Chinese dish, here comes my favorite one – Pearl Coated Meatballs:

I had tasted them from my friends’s party, and promised to make them a thousand times, yet always run short of the courage to actually do it. It requires a little bit labor work and “artistic sense”. Of cause the dish itself definitely worth all these effort – they look perfect in presentation, and the juice ladened “pearls” is for sure a highlight.

Here are the ingredients:

IMG_97311. Sweeten Rice 1 cup, soak in code water for about 4 hours.

2. 1 cup ground pork

3. minced ginger and green onion.

4. 1 tsp of soy sauce, 1 tsp of cooking wine. 1tsp of corn starch and 1/2 tsp of sesame oil.

5. finely chopped greens (whatever greens you like, I use the Bok Choy here).

6. Sliced  sweet potato as base.

Cooking Directions: IMG_9734

1. Mix ingredients 2-5 really well, give it a good stir clockwise for about 5 minutes ( hey that’s why I said it’s a bit labor work!! :-P)

2. Make the meat into small ball shape, and dip them into the sweeten rice until the rice covers the meatball throughly.

3. Put the pearly ball on the sliced sweet potato.

4. Steam the meatball for about 30 minutes.

Done !!

IMG_9756 See how cute they are! After steaming, the sweeten rice just become transparent, and absorb  lots of tasty juice from the meatball. The colors of that rice just like pearls. That’s why I call it “pearl-coated meatball”.

Please have a bite ! you’ll see how that sweeten rice become so chewy, it’s just not like plain rice any more. And it’s not greasy neither ! Not like the meatballs soaked in tomato source , the steamed meatball remains its original flavor with a little naughty twist of that pearl rice.  Quite healthy dish I would say, the fat is purely coming from the meat itself, and 1 tsp of soy sauce doesn’t sounds bad in terms of sodium.

Oh, did I forgot to mention those “supporting role” ??? the juice coming out of that meatball benefit them too!! the sweet potato is still sweet, but with a sophisticated flavor now!

Just can’t help to have a bite, have a bite, have another bite!!!!


Happy Halloween Everybody!!




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10 responses to “Somebody Want Fur Coat, BUT I want a pearl coat!!! Pearl-Coated Meatballs

  1. yunyun

    It looks so beautiful!! Hey Weitou, u r really amazing!!
    My roommate saw this and agrees:P
    Good one!

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    mmmm….. that sounds really good! 🙂 Pear and pork? such a great combo!

  3. crystinelover

    nice. it will look better if you could add some source 🙂

  4. Chenxian

    wow!!! impressive~~~ I was wondering what kind of role i was playing in the midst of this historical event. haha~~~

  5. that looks so impressive and delicious. I love the coated meatballs. Has always been my favourite. Sweet potato is one of my favourites too. What a lovely combo.

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