Wanna some Fries? Oh I mean, nonfat fries? Friday filled with Golden Sweet Fries, and Flavor-packed Veggie-Bake!!!

first of all, I’ve been blogging for a week!!! well, if I take from Monday to Friday as a WEEK!! really surprised that how myself enjoyed it:) It’s not a burden at all, instead, I enjoy spending time thinking about the recipes, creating new dishes, taking pictures, and reading those wonderful blogs that share the same interest with me is such a fantastic way of spending my night:)  I guess, one of my professor said: I am in business!!!!

IMG_9675Ok, back to “business”. This morning, the creamy fiber spread definitely play a role in dragging me out of my bed at 6am. (well, maybe the two cups of coffee yesterday made a contribution too! :P) . i warmed one cup of red bean soup, having my apples, and fiber spread TJ’s multi-seed bread: The red-bean spread taste unexpectedly great ! it’s very creamy and naturally sweetened. Plus, not as other bean spread I made before, I will sometimes get choked because of that dried texture.  Well, this is not dried out at all, it’s just like another cream cheese spread !

IMG_9678To make it a bit more fancier, I sliced some bananas to top that red creamy paste. Obviously somebody is complaining that I ate too much for breakfast. haha – yupp, that’s me, and I’m not gonna change it!

I finished my work at school and the model works incredibly well. So I have every reason to think about the food !!!

Having several recipes in mind, I went directly to a korean market for grocery shopping. Back home it’s already 5pm!! what’s for dinner? what’s for Friday’s dinner? what’s for celebration Blogger Friday’s dinner?

Yupp, peak time for foliage, let’s have something that’s warm us up from head to toe !! I just got a bit memorized by the golden dished created by Zesty Cook. That warm orange color just stuck in my head all day long . Also My memory just stirred up – that greatest sweet fries I have ever had in the Counter Burger with my favorite one.  So let’s have some fries!!! that sweet, non-fat, guilty free, celebration fries!!!

Golden Sweet Fries

IMG_9683Just can’t be any easier:

1. sweet potato, cut into the figure size.

2. 350 oven, for about 20 min.

3. Nothing else, that’s it!!!

It’s very different texture from the last time’s baked sweet potato (creamy sweety yammy). It’s a bit dried out on the edges which give it a crunchy flavor, well still moist inside with those nature sweetness. Perfect as side, or sweet endings.

At mean time, I make a Flavor-Packed Veggie-Bake :

People always feel the veggies are plain, non-flavorful. Only meat could satisfy their taste buds. Well, good news for those who only think meat is flavorful enough yet have to categorize it into the “restricted pleasure”, this dish has two critical ingredient makes it just as flavorful as meat:

one is Shiitake mushroom, the other is slightly fried tofu. These Shiitake mushroom has a rich smoky flavor, and juicy texture when it’s been cooked throughly. It’s great in picking up flavors and release it’s own “wooden grilled meat” taste. Shiitakes power up the immune system, strengthening its ability to fight infection and disease because of its lentinan.

As for tofu we may thought it’s a bit dull in flavors thought everyone know it’s healthy food. But if we use a small pan with sprayed on oil , brown the tofu a bit, their dull flavor evolves substantially:-D it become crisp outside, while soft inside, and has a nice smoky flavor too.

So for meat-lovers, here is how we make veggie dish endear to your taste buds as well:



1. 1 serving of tofu, slightly pan-fried them till golden brown (as on the right).

2. 2 Shiitake mushroom, sliced,

3. small bunch of Chinese cabbage, thinly sliced.

4. 2 long beans, for decoration.

5. 1/4 cup of cheese.


Here is how:

1. Sautée ingredients 1-4 together till it’s all soften. Seasoning with dash salt – don’t make it too salty, since cheese adds some salty flavor too .

2. Sprinkle cheese

3. 350 oven for 20 minutes, till the cheese melted.


See who’s having dinner with me tonight!!!! Having A wonderful weekend everybody!!!




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4 responses to “Wanna some Fries? Oh I mean, nonfat fries? Friday filled with Golden Sweet Fries, and Flavor-packed Veggie-Bake!!!

  1. yunyun

    my fav shiitake dish! weitou, good job!! miss u~
    say “hi” to ur little loyal pinky friend:) lol

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    you really like cheese, don’t you? hahhhaa…. I’ve never thought about adding cheese to chinese dishes…. I’m wondering how it tastes now.
    oh…. I have some cheesy crakers to share with you then! 🙂

    • well, yes!! u should try it, just as adding salt to the veggie, but it’s fun to see that “cheesy” effect!

      I finally finish that bag of cheese!!!!! so no cheese in the following days 😀

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