What’s for your bread ? A Healthy Creamy Fiber Spread

As I believe, breakfast is the most important meal in a day. It is my wake up call, energy booster, and pleasant quiet moment of the day.

My food profile: I am a bread and butter person for breakfast, though sometimes swing to cereal or oatmeal, the most comfortable food for me in the morning is definitely bread, plus soymilk. I would strongly recommend the multi-seed whole wheat bread from trader joes:

IMG_9584if you are “nuts” person like me, or prefer those crunchy texture for your morning bread, definitely give it a shot , it won’t let u down. Every bite, you would find the crunchiness and the “nuts” feeling! The other good one is the multi-seed with pumpkin. It’s very fulfilling just with two slides, and keep u full and focused all morning!

however, I run out of the spread for my favorite bread!! well, I’m kinda craving for nature sweetness – So I make this banana cheese spread really quick for my babe:


several slices of bananas, with a bit cheese underneath, 350 degree for about 5 min. Done!

How sweet is that! The banana is warmed and cheese is melted, creating a very – cream cheese like flavor 🙂 and most importantly, it contains much less sat.fat than my original cream cheese!!! another small step towards the healthy breakfast!!!!


My breakfast this morning ! sliced pear, leftover red bean muffin, plus, my banana cheese toppings!!!!

Well, what about tomorrow morning? I would like to create something that I can directly spread on my favorite bread!!! em…and i won’t have time to go grocery shopping tonight. So put red beans in my slow cooker, high for about 8 hours, and ready to make a Creamy Fiber Spread tonight!

see the red beans after 8 hours – they are totally ” passed out” !! haha , soft enough for the spread! perfect!

creamy fiber spreadIngredients:

1. 2 cup red beans boil it till tender and soft.

2. 1 tsp of butter to give it a creamy flavor.

3. 1 package of Jujuba drink mix ( add a bit sweet flavor, you can add 1 tsp of sugar instead.

Add all ingredient into the food processor , high speed for about 3 min until it’s really smooth.

I like its buttery flavor and smooth texture. This red bean spread is high in fiber and iron, while low in fat (not as my guilty cream cheese spread! :-P) I guess it will keep me full and focused all morning!! Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow morning!!!!



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8 responses to “What’s for your bread ? A Healthy Creamy Fiber Spread

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    I like this red bean spread… so pretty! 😀
    what’s jujuba drink?

  2. it’s Hongzao actually, I see this word on the package:D but its really cute name isn’t it!

  3. Crystine

    seems a lot of food for your breakfast. i noticed that you changed your top pic to sushi. i like it . make me hungry.

  4. Hi Tou Tou! Great job with introducing so many interesting food combinations! I love the idea of your spread because I love both red bean and jujube! My mom loves to buy the jujube drink mix for me because it’s supposed to replenish your blood, and i drink it during winter! 😛 I’d definitely be interested to know what flavor the spread actually tastes like! Jujube…or red bean?

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  6. Anonymous

    thank you

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