Meeting with a Pot of Tea

Lucky me, it was raining so heavy last night and a bit cloudy this morning. yet when I start heading to my advisor’s house, the sky cleared up. What a pleasant driving along the way …yeah, it’s foliage time again, beautiful trees along the drive way, and swirl down to my wind shield….just like a wonderland.  The first year at this time, I was in New Hampshire; the second year, I was in Maine. All those warming golden colors are just one of the Fall’s must-have. While this year,  I will stay here, and very surprised to find that beauty can be so close.

Bar harbor Downtown View_Main StrIt was really encouraging to see the incredible house and make an “envision” my future life. Work hard, get things done, earn all of these with my effort. The meeting is intensive but really pleasant, since these two big guys from Netherlands are the best advisor I can ever have. They are incredibly  knowledgeable in their own field, and extremely supportive for students. They are the ones I really look up to , but at mean time, I never feel so nervous in front them.  It’s just hard to believe that this field’s move and shaker would sit down and read line by line of my very first draft, make such detailed revise and comments.  Sometime I even have a feeling that, there is no excuse for me not to work hard with such great advisor.

Since they told me is a “meeting with pot of tea, drinking tea, discussing paper, drinking tea, discussing paper, drinking tea, drinking tea, drinking tea, so before I go, I quickly make a banana pumpkin muffin. “muffin queen”? oh maybe !!!

IMG_9635 ingredients:

1. 1cup of all purpose flour + 1tsp of baking powder.

2. 1 banana sliced ( I only use half of it in this muffin 😀 I ate the rest of them !! )

3. pumpkin spice

4. 1/4 vegetable oil.

5. 1 egg.

6. 2 tsp of sugar

and thats’ it ! I’m too greedy here, hahaha, put too much here, so it comes out really big: see how cute they are!!!

IMG_9638 it’s 350 degree oven for about 20 min, till it’s golden brown, especially the edges !!

They are extremely soft and fluffy when it comes right out of the oven. The edges become a bit dried out when I took it to my advisor’s house. I guess it would be better just microwave for 20 sec.

I drove back around 6pm and see the rosy sun set – what a wonderful day ! I am even thinking of driving down that road again, just for those incredible scenes !

it’s a bit hectic today since I got a lot more new work to do. I ate all my left overs : the Italian Noodles, cheesy sweety yammy and quick sautéed Chinese cabbage for lunch and dinner – no exciting meals , but makes my stomach really comfortable.

Exercise For the Day:

1. Running 30 min.

2. Elipcical 15 min.

3. Stretching 10 min.

Okay, back to work!!! 😀



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2 responses to “Meeting with a Pot of Tea

  1. Crystine

    i like this murffin!

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