A Rainy Tuesday with Comfort Foods: Egg Tortilla Crepe, Italian Sausage Egg Noodles, Plus Cheesy Sweety Yammy!

It’s raining, again ! Maryland is just soooo wet this autumn. em. it doesn’t bother me that much, since I planned to stay at home and use my 4GB ram desktop to run the models.

I miss home on this rainy gloomy day.  I miss the days when my college friends eating those “egg crepes” – and heading to the lib with that warm wraps in hand. For me at that time, it’s just another breakfast with my friends before that early morning class. But now, it means something from somewhere I grow up, making these home food, also means ” revitalize ” my home memory. So , my “Egg Tortilla Crepe” is here:


1. one egg, beat until foamy (a bit).

2. 1/2 cup cheese, whatever flavor you like.

3. Large/medium tortilla.

IMG_9604 IMG_9605

Cooking Instructions:

So first heat the pan and add 1 tsp of oil, swirl the pan to let the oil cover the bottom.

then pour the egg into the pan, swirl the pan again and let the egg fluid cover the pan.

while egg is not completely done, cover the egg liquid with the tortilla, press it gently so the tortilla can stick with the egg.

Sprinkle your fav cheese, for about 2 min, it’s begin to melt. Use a spatula to fold it from left to right – about three folds.

cut it, and serve!



My breakfast is soy milk, again! and a tremella soup. It is a genus of fungi in the family Tremellaceae, with a beautiful name: Silver Ear.It is rich in dietary fibers and Vitamin D. Also it highly prized as a youthful skin tonic for a healthy complexion. I’m 25 + …need to take care of my skin so I won’t get wrinkles and saggy face so early!

I worked the whole morning without thinking about food ! what a magic ! well, i admit the reason is that model not working!! I have to try out different ways and twist it …







For lunch, I take out my Italian sausage : oh I love that herb smell, though I know its extremely unhealthy : 36% of saturate fat and 25% of sodium. but I think it doesn’t hurt that much if I can balance it out for dinner. With a typical Chinese stomach, and home sicking heart, I substitute Italian noodles with traditional Chinese egg noodle. it is less chewy than those spaghetti,  yet great in picking up flavors.

Italian Sausage Egg Noodles.

Here is the ingredients:



Diced Italian sausage, I used this PREMO brand – next time want to try out the hot ones :-P.

sliced Korean radish.

1 serving of egg noodles.

about 3 whole peeled tomato.

Cooking is fairly easy: stir in the sausage into a hot pan, till its browned, and use it to grease the pan a bit . Then stir in radish and let them sit for about 4-5 minutes until the radish is golden brown too. then Add in the whole peeled tomato with about 1/2 cup of juice from that can, add in 1/2 water, stew for about 5 min. In the mean time, soak the egg noodle in cold water for about 2 minute and boiled them for another 2 minuets. Done!









take a closer look: I’m trying to finish those artisan cheese….hehe it’s everywhere!

Staying at home in a rainy day is really relaxing. I can’t help to enjoy my dessert right after lunch. Normally if I go to office and study, there is no time or mood for dessert. Even though we had a bright kitchen and lovely accompanies of my officemates, it’s just hard to spare a moment to slow down and enjoy the sweets…

But at home, I kinda of have this privilege to make day a little brighter :




Cheesy Sweety Yammy:

Just sweet potato, and a bit cheese ( sorry I bored you with cheese all these days – it has been in my fridge for two weeks ! gotta finish it! )

bake the potato in a 350 degree oven for 1.5 hours. cool it down a bit and cut in half. Sprinkle with cheese and send it back to the oven for another 20 min until the cheese melt and golden brown. Okay….here you go!

IMG_9628 Though they are really sweet, guess it’s Vitamin A content: 769% !!! for us who couldn’t live through 1 day without laptop, this VA is especially good for the eyes. VC is about 65%. Dietary Fiber: 26%. even more than the oatmeal.

and most important, its a complex carbohydrate which means they digest more slowly than white potatoes and therefore will not cause your blood sugar to spike.

So why not switch to some cheesy sweety yammy !!!

The more I think about this food nutrition fact…. the more I love the plate in front of me

and , done!!! finish it without a trace!! Yeah !!!

IMG_9633 Tomorrow I will go to my advisor’s new house for a tea party. Oh yeah , I hope it’s a tea party. but actually it’s a co-author meeting with a pot of tea. Really exciting about this “relaxed” format of “intensive” intellectually challenging meeting!



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7 responses to “A Rainy Tuesday with Comfort Foods: Egg Tortilla Crepe, Italian Sausage Egg Noodles, Plus Cheesy Sweety Yammy!

  1. Crystine

    still i like your plate. everyone is different. rich lady.

  2. yunyun

    ooooooooh, yum yum! can i come over…….
    Now i start missing those old day “egg crepes” too, because of uuuuuuuuu..
    haha… Have fun in creative cooking:)

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    I had to go to school on this rainy day 😦 not fun!
    you got some yummy eats there! perfect comfort for a day like this!

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